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What Causes Root Sensitivity and How to Treat It

By Dr. Michael Handler Are you experiencing painful twinges when you brush your teeth, or getting toothache every time you eat hot or cold foods? You might have some exposed tooth roots, which can cause oral sensitivity and even trigger serious dental problems. That’s because the roots of your teeth contain nerv...
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Cracked a Tooth? Here’s What’s Happened to You!

By Dr. Michael Handler Cracking a tooth can happen for a number of reasons, but whatever the cause, it can result in the development of  various dental problems.  Causes of a Cracked Tooth An accident or injury to your mouth is the most  common cause of a cracked or fractured tooth, in spi...
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Getting Rid of Bad Breath – The Healthy Way!

By Dr. Michael Handler Bad breath or halitosis can be an embarrassing problem to have and between 25% and 30% of the world population suffers from it, but it’s seldom the patient’s fault and is not always related to oral hygiene. In many people, it originates from seemingly unrelated causes, such as bacteri...
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Relief for a Toothache Until You Can Get to the Dentist

By Dr. Michael Handler Toothache is any pain in or around one or more of your teeth. It can range from a mild annoyance to agonizing discomfort, depending on the cause and the damage done to the tooth. Your obvious solution is to see a dentist as soon as possible, but that isn’t always realistic when you ...
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4 Reasons to Have Regular Professional Teeth Cleaning

By Dr. Michael Handler If you have reasonably good daily oral hygiene habits and a healthy mouth, your dentist or dental hygienist will probably recommend professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year. Most dental insurance policies cover two cleanings ...
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How Tongue and Lip Piercings Affect Dental Health

By Dr. Michael Handler Both teens and adults these days have embraced body piercing as a form of self-expression, but no matter how “cool” oral piercings might look, they can be dangerous to your health. Tongues contain an enormous amount of bacteria, which have free access to your bloodstream once you...
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Sleep Apnea - Causes and Treatments

By Dr. Michael Handler Sleeping disorders are a common problem among Canadians. Sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous sleep disorder affecting more than 18 million people in north America, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Anyone can be affected by this condition, which causes you to moment...
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Diabetes and its Effects on Oral Health

By Dr. Michael Handler The number of Canadians living with diabetes is expected to increase from 9.3% in 2015 to 12.1% in 2025, according to statistics from Diabetes Canada. Most of us know being diabetic can affect other aspects of our health, but what many people are unaware of is the impact diabetes has on o...
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Conscious and Unconscious Sedation – Which is Right for You?

By Dr. Michael Handler Most people have some anxiety about visiting the dentist’s office. You never know what your dentist will find, and whether it will require treatment. If you’ve been postponing a dental appointment because you are terrified of undergoing procedures, talk to us about our sedation ...
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Should I Have Tooth Bonding Done on My Front Teeth?

By Dr. Michael Handler Few patients in this day and age are prepared to walk around with a chipped tooth or a large gap between their front teeth. It’s not necessary, either, since there are now so many ways to improve your smile. Direct resin bonding is one option used extensively on front teeth to resolve...
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Dental Trauma – What Can Happen and How to Treat It

By Dr. Michael Handler Accidents happen to everyone, but some types can have longer lasting effects than others. Dental trauma is damage caused by an injury to your teeth, gums, alveolar bone, and the surrounding soft tissues including the lips, tongue and inner cheeks. When you’re involved in a motor vehic...
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Oral Cancer – Where and Why It Develops

By Dr. Michael Handler The idea of cancer is frightening under any circumstances, but our mouths are so central to every facet of our lives that the idea of oral cancer carries additional weight. With the focus the modern world has on “The Big C” it’s no surprise people wonder about every oral lesi...
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What is Antibiotic Prophylaxis and When Would You Need It?

By Dr. Michael Handler If your dentist recommends any sort of oral surgery, you might hear the term “antibiotic prophylaxis” being used. This refers to the administration of antibiotics before the procedure, and it’s aimed at preventing infection developing from the contamination caused by the...
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Causes and Treatment of Oral Canker Sores

By Dr. Michael Handler Those small, painful sores on your tongue or the inside of your cheeks and lips are more than just an inconvenience. They are canker sores, also known as aphthous ulcers, which are one of the most common types of oral lesions and affect around 20% of Canadians. Women are more likely to get the...
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Why Periodontal Disease Causes Bone Loss, and What to Do About It

By Dr. Michael Handler Bone loss can happen for a number of reasons, including misalignment of the jaw, tumours and accidental trauma to the face, but periodontal disease is one of the most common causes. Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory condition ranging from mild gum inflammation to a serious disorder,...
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The Low-Down on Crowns and the Options Available

By Dr. Michael Handler Back in the Hollywood heydays, film stars routinely had their teeth “capped” or crowned to improve their smile and appearance. This procedure was less available to ordinary mortals, but over the years dental science has found ways to make it affordable and accessible for everyo...
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Root Recession - Causes, Consequences and Treatment

By Dr. Michael Handler Root recession happens when your gum tissue begins to pull away from the base of your teeth to the point that it can expose the tooth roots to your oral environment. It’s a common dental problem that develops slowly, which means patients don’t typically notice it at first. When ...
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Root Canal Therapy - Treatment in Adult Teeth

By Dr. Michael Handler Preserving your natural teeth offers multiple advantages for overall health, so it's a primary goal of modern dentistry. When the pulp tissue deep inside a tooth gets inflamed or infected, your dentist might recommend root canal therapy. This is usually the solution if you've had an injur...
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Devices to Benefit Your Home Dental Care Regime

By Dr. Michael Handler Taking care of your oral hygiene between dentist visits is easier if you have the right tools to use. Most of the time this means a good toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth rinse and dental floss. In the event that you want something a little more specialized to supplement your home dental care...
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Vitamins and Supplements – Why It’s Important to Tell Your Dentist What You Take

By Dr. Michael Handler Getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals is important for both your bones and your oral health. Many people use supplements to ensure they don’t experience a deficiency of essential nutrients, and some products are especially important for their effect on teeth and gums. Just be...
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First Dental Appointment: When Should You Start, What to Expect

By Dr. Michael Handler Teaching your children to take care of their oral health is critical to ensure they grow up with confidence and vitality. Ideally, you should start them off with their first dental assessment within six months of their first teeth erupting, according to the Canadian Dental Association. At th...
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What Can I Do About My Dry Mouth?

By Dr. Michael Handler One of the most common complaints among dental patients is that they’re suffering from a dry mouth. Not only is this uncomfortable, it can be harmful to your oral health as well as your general physical health. But is it truly a dental issue, or is it rooted in a different problem? Sym...
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4 Common Senior Dental Care Challenges

By Dr. Michael Handler Canadian seniors are exceptionally fortunate to have comprehensive free healthcare for most medical conditions, but sadly the provincial programs don’t usually cover any form of senior dental care. The percentage of the population older than 65 is expected to go up to 18% by 2021, accordin...
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Which Mouth Rinse Should You Use, and Why?

By Dr. Michael Handler Dental hygiene can be a confusing topic, with literally hundreds of products available all vying for your attention. Mouth rinse (also called oral rinse or mouthwash) is a liquid solution used either before or after brushing and flossing to reduce the amount and growth of oral bacteria. The ...
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Dental Implants: Treatment Options and Importance of Tooth Replacement

By Dr. Michael Handler Losing a permanent tooth can be traumatic, but not replacing it can cause real problems. Tooth loss is a fact of life for many people, either as they get older or as a result of injury, but luckily a number of really good treatment options exist. In the past, choices were limited to removabl...
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The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

By Dr. Michael Handler Everyone talks about the importance of having regular dental checkups, but for many people this gives rise to several questions. These include: What does “regular” mean – i.e. how often should you have a checkup, does this differ from person to person and if so, why? What does the ...
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How Poor Eating and Sleeping Habits Affect Your Oral Health

By Dr. Michael Handler It’s easy to understand why consuming lots of sugary food and drinks can affect your teeth, but there’s more to it than that. Your eating and sleeping habits have a direct impact on your oral health, and in exchange this can affect your overall physical wellbeing. Here are some of the ...
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Beating the Blues – How Stress Can Affect Oral Health

By Dr. Michael Handler When you’re stressed out, your dentist can tell! No, there’s no magic or mind-reading involved—simply clear evidence of how stress affects your oral health. While stress can cause minor dental issues such as dry mouth, canker sores and burning mouth syndrome, it can also cause more s...
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The Effects of Sports and Fitness on Your Dental Health

By Dr. Michael Handler Working out, keeping fit and playing sports are all important to help you maintain good health. That’s what we have been taught throughout our lives, and it’s so much a part of our belief system that we spend thousands of dollars on gym memberships, sports participation and equipment, ...
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