Dr. Michael Handler

8 Benefits of Invisalign Clear Braces

By Dr. Michael Handler

Everyone wants an attractive smile, but few adults are prepared to go through orthodontic treatment that involves headgear and metal braces. Fortunately, there’s another  solution called Invisalign, which requires you to wear clear retainers to straighten out minor tooth misalignment over time. Invisalign offers a number of real benefits for wearers, compared with traditional braces, which includes:

#1: Being Practically Invisible

Invisalign are clear aligners that are as invisible as the name would have you believe. Sure, you can probably see them if you’re up close and personal with someone wearing them and have a perfect viewpoint right into their mouth. But for everyday wear, going to work and socializing it’s unlikely anyone will notice easily that you have them. 

#2: Feeling More Comfortable

The Invisalign clear aligner trays are made from smooth plastic material, which has no sharp points or edges that can poke into parts of your gum tissue. They’re custom-made from an impression to fit your teeth and mouth, and you wear each aligner for just a couple of weeks before replacing it with the next one. This guides your teeth gradually into the correct position, without putting pressure on your mouth. 

#3: Better Cleaning and Oral Hygiene

Because you can remove  Invisalign clear retainers, cleaning your teeth thoroughly is much easier than it is with braces or other orthodontic appliances. You simply remove the trays, clean your teeth and the aligners with a toothbrush, and pop them back in. It’s also fine to use a mouth rinse to refresh your breath, and you don’t even have to take them out to do that!

#4: Less Chance of Injury 

Conventional metal braces are made with wire and pieces of metal, which can scratch and injure the inside of your mouth and cheeks. They use force to straighten the teeth and can affect the demineralization of your teeth, causing decay, gum disease and cavities. Invisalign clear braces reduce the risk of damage that goes hand in hand with traditional braces. 

#5: Working Faster

Regular braces can take up to 3 years to adjust your teeth, during which time you have to wear them night and day and tolerate any discomfort that goes with the process. Invisalign typically straightens teeth in a year to 18 months, and you’re able to remove them if you do have any discomfort. 

#6: Fewer Dental Visits

When your dentist fits you with Invisalign, you get all the retainers at the same time and all you need to do is change them according to the frequency you’re prescribed. There’s no need for repeat visits to the dental office to get adjustments made. If a retainer gets damaged as a result of  dental trauma or an accident, the dentist will usually advise you to just replace it with the next one in the program. 

#7: Eat Whatever You Want

For anyone wearing metal braces, the number of foods that are off-limits can make life really inconvenient. Fresh fruits and vegetables, hard or chewy foods are mostly restricted because of the damage they can do to the structure of the braces. With Invisalign, you don’t have that problem. Simply pop your tray out and eat whatever you like, then put them back in afterwards. 

#8: Insurance Covers Some of It 

Most private Canadian health insurers cover some of the cost of Invisalign treatment, so you don’t have to carry the entire burden yourself. If you don’t have insurance, speak to your dentist about a payment plan or apply for a loan from a medical credit provider. 

Invisalign clear braces give you beautifully straight teeth that are better for your gums and general oral health. By getting rid of crowding and gaps you’re able to care for your teeth more effectively, and better oral health leads to improved general health. And of course, you get the smile you’ve always wanted. 

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