Dr. Michael Handler

Cosmetic Dentistry-Everything You Need to Know

By Dr. Michael Handler

If you have stained, worn, chipped, misshapen, or misaligned teeth, cosmetic dentistry might suit you. This technique focuses on enhancing the appearance of your teeth, mouth, and smile. While a cosmetic dentistry procedure is typically elective instead of essential, some treatment cases also offer restorative benefits. 

The best cosmetic dentist won't merely provide the necessary procedures, he or she will explain why the procedures are necessary. Various cosmetic dental procedures exist, but they aren't suitable for everyone. At our dental practice, we'll establish the method that will work best to enhance your smile. Here's what you should know about these cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Types of Dental Procedures in Cosmetic Industry

Composite bonding 

The cosmetic dental procedure involves repairing damaged, decayed, or discolored teeth. During this cosmetic dentistry procedure, our dentists use a material that resembles the tooth enamel's color. Our cosmetic dentist will use a drill to remove the decay before applying composite, sculpting it into the appropriate shape, and curing it using a high-intensity light. 

This procedure covers the tooth damage effectively, leaving our patients with a healthy-looking tooth. This cosmetic dental procedure is one of the least expensive and is available to patients with cracked or chipped teeth, and tooth decay. 

Dental Veneers

Medical-grade ceramic typically manufactures dental veneers to resemble your natural teeth. During the cosmetic dental procedure, a dentist will cement them to the front side of your teeth. A veneer can treat dental conditions, for instance, discolored teeth, slightly crooked teeth, or even cover gaps in between your teeth. 

Teeth Whitening

This cosmetic dental procedure is among the most basic and can take place at our dental office. This cosmetic dentistry procedure should take place after we clean tartar, plaque, and debris from each tooth surface, restoring the natural look. 

Over time, you'll notice your teeth have become worn and stained from drinks, food, medication, and personal habits, for instance, smoking. Whitening works to coat the teeth; this cosmetic dental procedure can take place at home or in a dental office. 


Dental implants are for tooth replacement after tooth loss.  In this cosmetic dentistry procedure, our cosmetic dentist will insert a titanium screw into a patient's jaw at the site of the lost tooth, which acts as a crown's support. 

The implants are virtually unnoticeable from the neighboring natural teeth. Once our cosmetic dentist fuses the supporting tissue and bone, the implants become secured permanently into place. You'll have to practice oral hygiene diligently throughout the placement period to clean food debris and plaque from the area. 

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhanced Appearance

An enhanced appearance through a cosmetic dentistry procedure makes you feel better about yourself. This has numerous benefits, from how you relate with others to your feelings of self-worth. If discolored and stained teeth prevent you from smiling, teeth whitening and veneers can solve this problem. 

Improved Diet

Having a missing tooth makes it hard to chew some kinds of food. Having numerous teeth affects the way you eat. For instance, an uneven bite might prevent you from chewing properly, making digestion harder. 

Dental issues that appear minor can affect your food intake. A healthy diet not only enhances physical health but also mental health. Cosmetic dentistry procedures such as onlays and inlays help reinforce bites to enhance our capacity to chew food. 

Enhanced Dental Health

Cosmetic dentistry enhances our appearance while protecting against future dental problems. For instance, crowns prevent damaged teeth from deteriorating further. Dental implants, on the other hand, prevent damage to the bone and gums. Cosmetic dentistry, together with appropriate dental hygiene and regular checkups enhances general oral health. 

Whether you want a brighter smile or simply want to re-do your appearance with bonding and veneers, you can schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist.

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