Dr. Michael Handler

When Would I Need a Dental Crown?

By Dr. Michael Handler

Since dental crowns are one of the more common restorations that people need on their teeth, most dentists are regularly asked the question, “Do I really need a crown?” It is a completely fair question because even with insurance, crowns may cost you hundreds of dollars at a time.

Dental crowns are like tooth caps. They completely cover a tooth that has suffered structural impairment due to decay, breakage or fracture. Crowns are fabricated from materials like porcelain, metal-fused porcelain, composite resin and gold. They are customizable to look and feel like natural teeth.

Getting a dental crown can sometimes be the best way to extend the life of your tooth. However sometimes a dental filling can be a better alternative. To determine which option is better for you and if you really need a dental crown, your dentist will consider the following factors:

  • If the size of the tooth cavity is relatively smaller, a dental filling might be sufficient otherwise you might need a crown.
  • If the tooth is in bad condition or has had too many fillings, you might need a dental crown.
  • If your tooth is broken or cracked, a crown can protect it from further damage that may expose it to infection.
  • You might need root canal treatment first if the core of your tooth is infected, before a dental crown can be placed.

If you have need a dental crown, contact us at our Scarborough dental office and our dentist will be happy to help you with your dental restorations.

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